De Bijenkorf primary school, welcome to our school 
Our school is different. Not in terms of what the children learn, but how they learn. 
De Bijenkorf is a ‘Jenaplan’ school. We see our classroom as a community where we talk, work, play and celebrate. We are all different and we value those differences because we can learn from each other. At our school, children can be themselves, because everyone is unique and has different basic capacities and talents that can be developed further. 
We do this in multi-age groups that cover two school years. The children learn to work together and be independent within this group. The two-year cycle ensures that the teacher gets to know the children well and can help them get the best out of themselves. Each multi-age group has its own room, an environment that is as homely as possible, which the children help to decorate and manage. This teaches them to be responsible for the space, their space.
The teachers, children and parents are a team at De Bijenkorf primary school. After all, parenting does not only take place at home and learning does not only take place at school. The high level of involvement of teachers and parents ensures a pleasant and safe environment where children can develop optimally. 

Here you will learn more about how education works in the Netherlands.
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Our motto is: Whatever you become later in life, you are already somebody: yourself!

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Central registration point for newcomers
Parents seeking a school from abroad, through a refugee organization, from a COA, etc., will be assisted by Khadija El Baroud in their search. Parents can apply through the central email address: admissions@education-eindhoven.nl, and Khadija will further investigate the placement options for the student.

Registering children
You are welcome to visit our school for a tour!
All children are welcome at our school, both those who live locally and those who live further away. Please contact us if you would like to register or preregister your child at our school, or make an appointment for a guided tour:
Laika Cortenbach
Email:  l.cortenbach@skpo.nl 
Telephone: +31 40 2414715

Practical information for parents
School hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8.30am to 2.45pm.
Wednesday from 8.30am to noon
Reporting sick
Is your child sick? Please call this number before 8.30am: +31 40 24 14 715.
Do you have any questions?
Please contact your child’s teacher or the principal
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